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CCVHC Coordinates Impressive Red Door Ministry Donation Campaign

Lindsey McCarthy and Jackie Alger
CCVHC Service Project Committee

Central Catholic High School's founding Saint, St. John the Baptist de la Salle’s expression to “Live Jesus in our hearts forever” was the driving force for the 2020-2021 Central Catholic Vikings Hockey Club’s Service Project. 

With the unusual situation of the 2020-21 hockey season and Covid-19 restrictions, the hockey program had to find a service project in which all hockey players from the four CCVHC team could participate, making it their own individual, personal success, yet still coming together as a club to accomplish big things. 

In coordination with CCVHC Head Coach Bill Connelly and Service Project Committee members, parents Lindsey McCarthy and Jackie Alger, the teams were excited to work with the Red Door Ministry, further developing a relationship that has been close to Central Catholic High School for several years. 

Considering the many needs of the Red Door, and under the guidance of Sr. Emily Lepage, the Central Catholic hockey teams were able to collect more than $1,500 in McDonalds gift certificates, 500 bags of clothing, 40 bags of personal hygiene items, and many, many boxes of packaged food for the homeless supported at the Red Door.  In total, in January 2021, the teams were able to fill a 15-foot U-Haul box truck.  Pretty impressive! 

Many thanks go out to the boys, parents, and the many individuals who made this service project a huge success.  A special shout out to South Hills Movers and its president, Robert E. Lee, who graciously supplied us with more than 100 boxes to help separate all the items for the Red Door to make distribution of the items easier for the ministry volunteers. 

CCVHC Helps Red Door Ministry

PA updates Covid-19 rules for sports

On November 19, the Pennsylvania Department of Health updated its order from earlier in the week mandating that CCVHC players wear masks/face coverings not only when inside the rink and in the locker room, but also on the ice for practices and games.  PIHL's November 21 safety policy revision is below. 

Specifically, pursuant to the revised PA Guidance for Sports, athletes who wear a helmet and mouthguard while playing the sport are no longer required to wear a face mask as doing so would, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  make it difficult to breathe. COVID-19 Guidance for Sports (

Prior to the issuance of this update, on November 18, Central Catholic Vikings Hockey Club received the following safety policy statement from PIHL requiring every individual who participates in a PIHL sanctioned practice or game, including coaches, athletes and referees, must wear a face covering at all times, including in the locker room, on the bench and during game play, unless subject to an exception set forth in the order.

PIHL states it is each Member Association’s responsibility to make sure its players and coaches are aware of this Face Coverings Policy and to disseminate within its organization any changes in this policy. 

It is also each Member Association’s responsibility to require compliance with this Face Coverings Policy at all PIHL sanctioned events by its coaching staff and players to ensure the safety of the players, coaches, their families and the general public. 

The PIHL Safety Policy Requiring Face Coverings is subject to change and may be updated as more information becomes available or as further laws, orders, policies or procedures are issued by local, state or federal authorities.

CCVHC recognizes its 2021 viking seniors

CCVHC is proud to recognize its five seniors! From left, defenseman Ethan Iaccio, and forwards Alejandro Pietz, Jojo Palahunik, Alex Pampena and Adam Tabaka.

This year, all individual and team photographs were taken on the Canada Ice underneath the new CCVHC home rink banner. 



As we kick off the 2020-2021 season, we hope you will consider a Central Catholic Vikings Hockey sponsorship. So far, we are excited by the support we have received. Our updated list of generous 2020-21 sponsors are listed below ...  

Your donation will go directly to the organization and, if your sponsorship is on behalf of a current CCVHC player, then it reduces the dues owed by the player.

Our primary purpose is two fold ...  to reduce a family's individual expenses, but also increase team/player training and development. This year, achieving this mission, is all the more essential.  In July, after a three-month-long COVID-19 rink closure, and as a result of historic program interest, CCVHC made the decision to field -- for the first time ever -- a fourth team. Even with all of the uncertainties, for all those Central Catholic students who desperately wanted to play ice hockey for their school, this was the right decision to make.  

Committing to fielding a fourth team, however, required the Club to hire an additional non-parent coach, to purchase an entire set of new jerseys, socks and equipment, and to secure sufficient additional ice time for practices.

Not only did the program have to contract extra ice to support the new team, but it had to ensure that it had sufficient ice time so that all teams could continue to have -- for the foreseeable future, and in an abundance of caution -- full ice practices.

Although, pursuant to revised PA gathering limits for indoor sports, CCVHC can now reduce expenses by scheduling "shared ice" practices, we decided that this was not in the best interests of the club or the school right now.  Having full-ice practices not only reduces the number of people on the ice, but cuts locker room congestion by half. By only scheduling full-ice practices, there are fewer than 25 people on the ice at any one time and the 15-20 players can spread out between two locker rooms (rather than each team that is sharing ice having to crowd into just one locker room).

CCVHC, too, is thrilled that it now has a dedicated home rink -- all of its practices will now be held at Alpha Ice Complex in Harmarville, PA. Having a home rink means that we have more opportunities to showcase our school's exceptional student athletes. CCVHC will now be able to hang banners to increase the school's visibility, but we will be able to display team and senior pictures at the rink. 

So, now more than ever, Central Catholic Vikings Hockey needs your support!  Sponsorship is not only great advertising for your business, but also shows your support of CENTRAL CATHOLIC VIKINGS HOCKEY Roll Vikes!


This 7' x 5' banner is hanging in the front lobby of Alpha Ice Complex, just outside the door to the Canada Ice Rink. It features all four of CCVHC 2020-21 teams, along with the club's five graduating seniors. Four corporate sponsorship slots -- one in each corner -- are available.

Your contributions have been -- and continue to be -- crucial to our success in achieving the CCHS promise, "to inspire boys to become Men of Faith, Scholarship and Service." 

Please see our website Fundraising Page for more information!

Thank you to our 2020-2021 CCVHC Sponsors!

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