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CCVHC Tryout Registration

2022-23 Middle School "Tryout" Registration Open!!

** Be a Part of the CCVHC Middle School Program! **

** limited roster spots still available **

To express your interest in joining the Middle School Team, please first register for the Middle School team "tryouts." See below.  Please email if you have questions regarding the roster spots available and/or eligibility.


Bookmark this page!! The Central Catholic Vikings Hockey Club Middle School/Bantam team "tryout" registration is still open! Please see the link above to register! *Only limited roster spots still available.*

The team plays in the Tier 1 level of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League (PIHL). All practices are held at Alpha Ice Complex in Harmarville, PA. The team is "amateur team friendly" and has two practices per week. 

As both of Central Catholic's middle school goalies have graduated, there is a rare opportunity for interested goalies to get a lot of quality time in net. 

If you or your son is interested in learning more about playing on the Central Catholic Vikings Hockey 2022-2023 Bantam/Middle School team and exploring Central Catholic as a college preparatory high school option, please do not hesitate to contact Central Catholic Vikings Hockey and/or the CCHS Office of Admissions. You may also contact the Central Catholic Vikings Hockey Club Head Coach William Connelly.

As CCHS does not have a middle school, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade members of the Bantam/Middle School team may be enrolled at any public, private, parochial or charter school, irrespective of where they live, so long as they have a good faith interest in considering CCHS.  For the 2022-2023 season, the Birth Year ("BY") for Bantam/Middle School team players must be either 2008 or 2009.  It is CCVHC's goal to offer a roster spot to every interested age-eligible player (BY2008 & BY2009).

Subject to Mid-Am Hockey rules, the percentage of 2nd year peewee players (BY 2010) who are eligible to "play up" to a bantam team is limited. If your son is a BY 2010 (2nd year peewee) player, please contact Coach Connelly to discuss CCVHC Bantam/Middle School team roster eligibility prior to registration. All Bantam/Middle School players are required to have current USA Hockey membership and baseline concussion testing.

Central Catholic is proud that, every year, nearly every 8th grade member of the Bantam/Middle School team enjoys the experience so much that he chooses Pittsburgh Central Catholic as his high school.  Roll Vikes!


Tryout registration Information

Helpful information about completing the CCVHC 2022-2023 tryout registration online ...

The online registration session will allow you to sign up for participation, complete contact information, submit any necessary forms and waivers, as well as pay online the $100.00 tryout fee, which is required of all players trying out for the 2022-2023 season. 

When completing the registration, please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.  Detailed information about the Central Catholic Vikings Hockey Club program is contained within the attached document below ("Program Overview and Tryout Guide").  For future reference, please feel free to print a copy of this guide.

USA HOCKEY MEMBERSHIP. To begin the tryout registration process, your athlete will need to have a current 2022-23 USA Hockey Confirmation Number.  Register for USA Hockey here:

ANNUAL SAFESPORT TRAINING REQUIRED (BY 2005/2004). Also, please remember that, if your athlete is BY 2005 or older, he will be required to take his Safesport training course or annual refresher prior to the start of the CCVHC season (August 1, 2022).  For Safesport training, go to:

CONSENT TO TREAT/TRANSPORT & MEDICAL INFO FORM REQUIRED. Each registrant will be required to download, complete/sign and upload a "Consent to Treat, Transport and Medical Information" fillable .pdf form. A copy is attached below. While you can fill out all of the consent fields online, you must print out the completed form, sign it (a real, handwritten signature) where indicated, and upload it back to the system in order to complete the registration.  

BIRTH CERTIFICATE. If you are new to CCVHC for the 2022-23 season, you will be required to upload a copy of your son's birth certificate. 

CONCUSSION BASELINE TESTING. Concussion baseline testing is required every two years. If your athlete's most recent concussion baseline test was prior to April 2021, he will need to be re-tested prior to August 2022. Please ensure that you save a copy of your confirmation of concussion baseline testing, which will be required when the season begins in August. 

Check your work!  Prior to finalizing and submitting your registration, please review each entry to ensure that all SportsEngine-related fields have been pulled from your user account properly and/or that all information submitted is correct.